As usual, we shall be showing at the biggest bridal roadshow in northern Europe. Come see us at Harrogate. We also show at roadshows around the country. Our Roadshow pages lists all the venues and dates for this season.

Bridal Jewellery


When choosing your jewellery, remember that you need to look balanced. If you go for an ornate necklace, keep your hair accessories more understated, and vice versa.

Including your family’s heritage into your big day by wearing a family heirloom is popular, but ensure that your tiara and other accessories match.

Of course, your bridal jewellery can look good with other outfits, so it is important to preserve it. Polish them occasionally, and store them out of direct sunlight or heat. Remember that hairspray and perfume can tarnish them. As such, put your jewellery on last.

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